The Story behind

The Legend

With an almighty crack and groan the devil was gone

The Story of the Legend

“The devil flew over villages, towns and emerging cities hidden by the thick, coal fuelled smog. A rest was required, ahead stood a lone pinnacle standing high above the roof tops. As the devil landed on the monument, he coiled his tail around the building and started to take in his surroundings.

A sweet smell entered his nostrils that he struggled to place, then sound of singing started to swell from below. He found himself perched on the house of God. The smell of incense tickled his nose and burned his eyes, the singing was deafening, and even the touch off the roof under his feet was beginning to burn.

The devil took off with a roar, but in his haste, he forgot to unfurl his long, scaly tail. With an almighty crack and groan the devil was gone, but the spire of the St Mary and All Saints Church Chesterfield would never be the same again”.

Resting Devil takes its name from this very folk tale, embracing the local lore and making it part of our brand. All Resting Devil beers are named after legend or folk lore from around the world, this gives all our beers a common narrative, allows us to take influence on style or ingredients from the region of the tale and introduce people to the stories of our past.